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Clay masks the ultimate detox for your skin, but how do you get the most out of our Australian red clay mask?
Human - Behind The Mask

Our skin becomes a playground daily for impurities and natural oil, so to get the most out of your clay session cleanse your skin before application this will remove the days woes and allow the clay to deeply purify and balance for the best skin ever!

Short on time and just after a quick fix? Cleanse your face with Toner or Micellar water and apply the Mask to your problem areas

We love applying our mask with a synthetic foundation brush then we can get it exactly where we want it without any mess then remove with a warm damp washcloth, for those with super oily or acne prone skin why not try steaming your face beforehand to open the pores, it's easy just dampen a washcloth and microwave for a minute before applying to your face (be careful it's not too hot)

Multi Masking? No need with ours!

We’ve utilised Australian Red Clay (duh) which helps to draw out impurities and slightly exfoliate, Kakadu Plum which is rich in vitamin C and Has moisture retaining qualities (it lives in the Aussie Outback) as well as Sandalwood Powder, Evening Primrose & Rosehip Oil which have both Antibacterial and Anti Inflammatory properties to rebalance the Skin's acid mantle and prevent breakouts.

Clay masks are amazing but won't solve all your problems, regular exfoliation (1-2 times a week) with our Jojoba Sugar Scrub will work perfectly with the Clay mask and allow it to get deeper into your skin for even better results. 

Tape - Behind The Mask

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