Best Hair Care Treatments for Different Hair Types

Hair - Best Hair Care Treatments for Different Hair Types

Think of a good deep treatment as a protein shake for your hair—a concentrated hit of nutrition (that you probably don't need every day). The right hair mask adds an extra layer of moisture to protect hair from heat tools, sun, harsh water, products, and everyday wear and tear. With the right treatment for your hair, hair will be less frizzy, easier to style, and overall healthier - it's a no-brainer!

We recommend using a weekly treatment to restore health to your hair, improve manageability and appearance, add strength and increase shine.

Here at Neon & Co we have a range of hair care and treatment products to suit every hair type and need, but which one is for you? 


Hair and Scalp Mask - Just like a facial, only for your hair. Relaxing, nourishing, beautifying: enrich your hair with all of the goodness you didn't realise it needed. Like 18-MEA and Silk Amino Liquid, which strengthens the hair cuticle, making it resistant to damage while feeling as delicate as silk. Super hydrating and ultra detangling, it even restores the skin's microflora balance. Translation: happy Scalp, happy hair. 


Hair Shot Ampoule - Highly addictive hair stuff! This leave in hair shot will have you drunk on good hair as it delivers an intense dose of moisture. Getting right down to the cuticle layer of the hair, this formula strengthens and improves elasticity, meaning less breakage, cutting blow dry time while helping the style to last longer, you'll be ordering shots for all of your friends.


Treatment Oil - Magic water gives good hair, day after day. You'd never know this wasn't water, because it sure feels so. But instead of leaving your hair damp and frizzy, it goes on dry and smooths out the fuzz. Full of macadamia oil which is surprisingly light, weightless in fact. This treatment oil is hydrating, smoothing, repairing and adds shine.

While these products are amazing at what they do for the above hair types, we’ve made sure that they can be used on ALL hair types – meaning you don’t need to spend hours at the counter looking at ingredient lists, one product fits all! Ask your stylist for their expert recommendations on how to use products to maximize the benefits for your hair type at your next appointment. 

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