Blonde Hair Don’t Care?

Human - Blonde Hair Don’t Care?

Here at Neon & Co, we do care. Whether you’re a Highlighted Blonde or a Balayage/Ombré Blonde, this is the article that you want to be taking notes down on a piece of paper.

Hello, I’m Andrés Jesus. Cutter/Colourist and Session Stylist at Neon & Co South Yarra. With six years of experience, I sure know how to perfect the perfect blonde for you. And I’ll be narrowing every detailed information that you need to know how to upkeep your blonde hair.

Now, first of all, there are many different shades of blondes. I’ll break it down into the two categories.

Platinum / Ash / Grey blondes

These shades of blondes fall into the Cool Shades category. Meaning, no warmth, no yellow, no golden, no red or orange. Think… Blue sky’s, cloudy clouds, green grass. These colours contain blue, violets and greens to cool down your complexion. Now, your probably thinking, yes I hate all the above, and this is exactly what your needing in your life a cool based blonde… But not everyone can carry this shades of blonde. It’s all based of your facial features eg your skin tone, your eye colour.

Skin - Blonde Hair Don’t Care?

Clients with blue, green, grey eyes and anything in between can defiantly pull of this shade of blonde. Now, there’s a bit of upkeep in keeping your cool blonde fresh, shiny and luminous. You leave the salon with the perfect colour, but a couple of weeks later your selected shade is throwing lots of warmth, brassiness, golden yellow tones? Well, we defiantly recommend after your first visit at Neon & Co South Yarra, to come back and visit one of our experienced colourists in 4 weeks time for a refreshing toner/glaze/gloss that we’ve tailored to you especially.

Hair - Blonde Hair Don’t Care?

The toner will help to counteract any warmth/golden/yellow and deposit coolness back into your blonde. Another way you can upkeep this high maintenance colour is by purchasing our Neon & Co Blonde toning shampoo retailing at $21.90 each. This is a pure violet/blue based shampoo/treatment that will cancel out those unwanted tones. You’ll be replacing your regular shampoo by using this once to twice a week for more than 5 minutes in the shower. Less than 5 minutes, it won’t do anything. You’ve got to let the toning pigments do its thing. This will help to take those tones out.

Now, moving on to the next category.

Warm based blondes – Golden / Beige / Sandy / Honey / Rose Gold / Caramel Blondes

As colourists, we’ve all heard those words coming out of your client’s mouths at the basins. I don’t want my hair to go silver, grey, ash. I like the golden natural blonde tones (natural blonde shades listed above) Well this the section for you to read. As an experienced blonde colourist, these warmer tones are my favorites. You can formulate them to be soft to deep, natural to rich and as seasons are changing your blonde clients hopefully are open to experiment with different warm toners.

Person - Blonde Hair Don’t Care?

The suggestion is key, if they are not willing to try a different warm toner that’s fine. As long as your planting the seed, they will take note that your offering a nice change for them if wanted. One thing I’ve noticed with my clientele, that the warmer shades tend to fade less more than the cool based shades. What I mean by this, is that naturally, most clients have natural warmth to there hair, that’s why I suggest coming to Neon & Co every 4-6 weeks for your desired warm shade toner.

Our worst nightmare is when clients tell us their using Tresemme, Pantene, Garnier, etc. please throw these bottles straight into the bin. These supermarket shampoos contain Sulphates, Parabens, SLS, Silicones. These exact ingredients strip (god I hate that word) your colour and usually put a coating on your hair and cause a barrier which means it can interfere with a colour service. Do yourselves a huge favor and get yourself some Neon & Co Shampoo/Conditioner valued at $21.90 each. Our cult brand is Australian made, with naturally derived ingredients helping with the longevity of your colour which doesn’t include any of the ingredients mentioned above.

Hair - Blonde Hair Don’t Care?

Now, Along with your visit at Neon & Co while having a toner/gloss/glaze. We highly recommend trying our luxury hair treatment range – Neon & Co Leave in Hair Shot valued at $10. This is a no-rinse liquid-based treatment that you blow dry your hair in with and coats each hair strands individually leaving it silky, smooth and luminous. Also available is our #1 seller that everyone raves about – Neon & Co-Treatment Oil. This is an incredible luxury treatment that brings your dull blonde hair back to life with added heat protection valued at $15 in salon basin treatment or for take home purchase $21.90 perfect for those clients using heat. And lucky last, Neon & Co – Hair and Scalp Mask valued at $20 or for take home purchase $59.90 250gms or $99.00 500gms.

We use a unique compound 18-MEA in the formula which helps to repair and condition dry, damaged hair while improving strength, texture, elasticity and restoring skin microflora balance. These are the perfect luxury treatments for those who colour, relax, use heat etc.

I hope you’ve gotten some knowledge about how to keep your blonde locks perfect, I’ve had lots of fun writing up this blog. Till next time my blondies!

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