Blow-dry & Hot Tongs – Ways to Have a Perfect Hairstyle

Costume - Blow-dry & Hot Tongs – Ways to Have a Perfect Hairstyle

Now, when it comes to a blowout, Neon & Co, a specialized blow dry bar in South Yarrahas it down to a T. Perfecting our signature blow-dries day in and out. Our blow-dry experts could blow-dry with their eyes closed, they are that good. 

Yes, the topic is about different ways to have a perfect blow dry.

Want a blowout that lasts for more than one day?

Yep, make sure you visit Neon & Co, our hairdressers know how to prolong your blow-dry. The secret lies in their luxury Haircare range, with its natural oils which provide a healthy balance and foundation to keep your hair looking and feeling great. Our products are 100% free of Sulphates, Parabens, Silicones and not tested on animals with naturally derived ingredients from plants and fruit extracts.

A Blow-dry Specialist’s Point of View

Hair - Blow-dry & Hot Tongs – Ways to Have a Perfect Hairstyle

I particularly love working with hair that is naturally wavy or curly. As its so easy to manipulate to do whatever you want it to do. This kind of hair texture likes to hold onto the style more so & look better the day after and so on and so on. Although you may experience some difficulties at times and dealing with more than just wavy, curly hair. It could be course, fluffy, frizzy, wiry… This kind of hair needs special attention and a lot more work than what you think. Tension and smoothness to perfect the perfect blow-dry. Neon & Co is the place to go for a salon blow-dry, located in the heart of South Yarra. We can get you out in 30 minutes, are you surprised? Our Blow-dry specialists will give you your desired look in no time. We can customise a blow-dry tailored to you. Now, I mentioned that I loved working with naturally wavy, curly hair. I love when my clients want to enhance and embody their natural movement and ask for a South Yarra blow-dry. Yes, blow-dry that consists of lots of natural Volume (Body, Fullness, height) Movement (Curl, Bounce, Flick, Wavy) or Smooth (Slick, Straight) These are the keywords that I like to use in the salon. This can all be achieved with just a Blow-dryer and Round Brush, my favourite two tools.

Text - Blow-dry & Hot Tongs – Ways to Have a Perfect Hairstyle

Now, not all hair types will hold onto a bend. Straight hair can be difficult to blow-dry (your thinking, straight hair is straight how difficult can it be) Well, I’ll tell you. Straight hair does not hold a bend, or volume very well or ever. It’s super flat, and it’s hard to manipulate to make it bouncy with volume. But after a short visit to Neon & Co, you won’t have a problem as our luxury range has ingrediens that have been sourced all around the world. Our range includes some of the most precious extracts such as Macadamia, Kakadu plum, grape seed and Almond. It’s making our guests hair feeling amazing. There’s also an ingredient called MEA-18, which can be found in our products. It makes your hair feeling thicker and fuller by the moment you start using our range, it’s perfect for clients whose hair lack in density, volume, fullness, movement. That’s why you must try out our whole range, you’ll love it.

Blow-dry Tools

Blow Dryer - Blow-dry & Hot Tongs – Ways to Have a Perfect Hairstyle

Now, there’s another way to have your hair styled. It’s by using my favourite hot tools, the hot tongs or irons. It helps to create and mimic waves, curls, volume, body, movement, texture in any hair texture. This past Spring racing season, a lot of our Neon & Co babes asked for our signature waves and showed us the Oz famous Bec Judd and Nadia Bartel Waves. This look is created by using a Curling tong or Wands to mimic this dishevelled, beachy, natural looking waves. This will give you Body, Fullness, Movement, Texture, Volume and because our Hot tools are one of the best that our industry has to offer, Neon & Co will guarantee your style will last all day & night and including the next day.

And that’s how the Luxury line of Neon & Co products came about. I’m Deb Pereria, Neon & Co. Owner and Founder, started this cult brand just over a year ago as I wanted to create a salon only hair care range that will not only preserve your hair colour but also give you longevity of your blow-dry. It was developed out of the frustration of not finding the right product that could deliver the premium results. Neon & Co is designed to give more volume, prolong the life of the blow-dry, repair, hydrate and reduce the blow drying time by half for time poor women.

So ladies, do yourself a favour and make a short trip visit to Neon & Co for your next blow-dry appointment.

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