How To Get Your Best Summer Hair, Minus The Damage

Aussie Summer weather is well and truly on its way – this means sun, sand and well-deserved long lazy days. While this may sound like a recipe for good times (we can’t argue with that), your hair may tell you otherwise. Summer is crowned prime time for hair damage and dryness, but it doesn’t have to be! 

By adding a few little steps to your Summer hair routine before it begins, you can maintain good hair no matter the season.

1. TRIM!

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again. As much as you want beachy mermaid hair, a little trim will do your hair wonders. Always start Summer with a trim or a cut, because whether you have long or short hair, the Summer weather can make the ends of your hair dry and brittle. On another note, Summer is the perfect time to to give yourself a new haircut for a fresh look, or if you’re aiming to maintain your long locks, you can opt for regular trims that will reduce split ends and keep your hair in top condition.


Summer is the most important time to make sure you’re caring for your colour - UV rays can fade your colour and damage hair, so look for haircare products for colour treated hair and with UV protection. Even if you tend to stay out of direct sunlight, minor or indirect exposure means there’s still a need to take precautions.


Another top tip is to use intensive hair treatments to condition and strengthen your hair from the get-go. If you're having a beach day, we suggest applying your treatment all over your hair to provide a barrier against the sun. Pop it up in a bun and voila – a nourishing hair treatment and sun protection at the same time, who says you can’t multitask?

And there you have it – some super simple ways to take your hair from lackluster to awe-inspiring this Summer. While it’s important to protect your hair, don’t forget about your skin! Prolonged UV exposure is just as harmful to the skin, so make sure your Summer routine involves looking after yourself, from head to toe. 

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