How to holi-slay your hair!

The holiday season is upon and that means it’s the time of year when we all want to look our best to impress family or that special someone at the Christmas party.

The secret to “sleigh” worthy hairdos over the holiday season is not to over wash type hair it will strip all the good stuff and make it completely unmanageable, planning a textured updo or some glamorous curls for an event? Wash your hair the day or night before rather than the day of and it allows the hair and scalp relax and gives more grip when using pins etc.

 How to holi-slay your hair!

Not all Haircare products are created equal most supermarket and drugstore brands contain high amounts of alcohol & SLS which over strip the hair and then cover it all up with a heavy layer of man made silicone, Neon & Co. Good Hair Shampoo/Conditioner following by a shot of goodness with the super booster Hair shot Ampoules leave out all the bad stuff which causes bad hair days and nourishes your hair while extending the life of your Holiday Do.

How to holi-slay your hair!

Fan of the ultimate beach wave? try cleansing your hair with the Neon Light Shampoo and a good helping of the Air Dry Spray before braiding into 2, Parting wherever you like and allowing to dry completely, this is an easy one to do overnight it’ll dry & style while you sleep, release the braids in the morning and top up with some Volumising Spritz voila.

 How to holi-slay your hair!

Prefer something slick? A clean ponytail is always appropriate just blow dry with a paddle brush in the direction your pony will sit direct all your hairline away from face & the nape upwards (heat protection is included with all our products) gather your hair where you want it with a bristle brush and secure with a hair tie or bungee, finish off with a healthy dose of Treatment Oil for the glossy frizz free finish that will leave you so Grande you’ll feel like a Venti. Happy Holidays & Slay Away!


XOXO Neon & Co.

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