Is Your Hair Dry and Dull?

Hair - Is Your Hair Dry and Dull?

Is your hair dry and dull? Do you have split ends and frizz? Hair is easily damaged, but it takes the time to improve. Follow my tips to restore health to your hair and improve manageability and appearance.

A Good Trim Can Revive Damaged Hair 

Worker - Is Your Hair Dry and Dull?

We're not saying that you have to cut it all off but having the dead ends taken off will leave your hair feeling refreshed, thicker and noticeably easier to manage. We recommend a trim every eight weeks to keep split ends at bay.

Say Goodbye to Bleach – For Now At Least

Apparel - Is Your Hair Dry and Dull?

Bleaching and highlighting your hair causes damage, drys out your hair and can even cause breakage. Try balayage, ombré, semi-permanent colours or gloss for healthy, shiny hair. If you’re not ready to give up being a blondie, only have your regrowth bleached (no pulling it through to the ends!) and be sure to use a deep conditioning treatment a couple of days before and also after bleaching, and then weekly after that.

Use Treatment Masks to Rescue Damaged Hair

Person - Is Your Hair Dry and Dull?

For all, we put our hair through – colouring, bleaching, blow drying, tonging, straightening – it deserves a little TLC! I recommend using some sort of hair mask at least once a week and leaving it on for as long as possible (I like to sleep in mine). It works to repair and condition dry, damaged hair as well as improving strength, texture, and elasticity.

Use Good Quality Products

Towel - Is Your Hair Dry and Dull?

Switch to sulfate and paraben free for healthier, longer lasting hair. We all know the importance of a healthy skin regime, well it’s no different with your hair. Set the right foundations with a good shampoo and conditioner and use good quality hair styling products that are conditioning and will also make your hair easier to style and manage – I use and recommended Neon & Co range, the results are incredible, and you will not look great.

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