Neon & Co. Founder’s Series: Healthy Hair Begins At The Scalp.

Firstly, the scalp is the foundations of healthy hair, dry itchy scalp is not a good sign as it means that there is an irritation or chemical reaction in the scalp. Remember the scalp is alive and it will need to be treated just like your skin, with thought and care to maintain its wellbeing.

 Always use a sulphate & paraben free shampoo and conditioner.

I know this is the norm now, but people still don’t think about it as they assume, they’re all now free of Parabens and sulphates. Wrong!

Use a deep cleansing and purifying products to gently remove the debris from the scalp without causing it to be irritated. Harsh products can cause inflammation and unnecessary stress to the hair and scalp.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat the shampooing twice. The shampoo can be left on for a few minutes to let the glycolic acid penetrate into the scalp and hair, starting to remove dead cells and hydrating the cortex of the hair.

The good hair conditioner is as good as a hair mask, leave it on for an extra few minutes for deep hydration and repair.

Towel dry your hair with an old t-shirt as this will prevent any breakages of the hair and over stimulating the oil glands.

Your hair is now ready for a little treatment oil, a few drops into the mid-length and ends, then be sure to massage the ends into the scalp, so your scalp gets a little hint of oil.

Neon & Co treatment oil will not make your scalp or hair oily, it’s a very lightweight formulation like magic water, it will instantly give your hair a fresh vibrant gloss and shine, it also helps your hair body! Yes, body! It’s an all in one oil and styling product.

The oil can be used before styling on wet hair and again as a finishing styling oil to keep any loose frizz under control without the greasy feeling.

This treatment oil can be mixed into our hair and scalp mask, leave it overnight for an intensive hair treatment oil / hair repair mask.

Person - Neon & Co. Founder’s Series: Healthy Hair Begins At The Scalp. 

Recommended: Twice a month for medium to badly damaged hair = Highlight and bleached hair, this combination should be applied weekly for the first month then you can move to apply it every two weeks.

The average cost per application is around $5.00 which is not cheap, but you will not waste your money having to buy other products to maintain your hair. This is the holy grail to healthily hair and scalp.

I’m happy to put my money where my mouth is and say if after 2 weeks you don’t see any results, I will give you your money back.

Deb Pereira


Pottery - Neon & Co. Founder’s Series: Healthy Hair Begins At The Scalp. 

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