Let’s face it we live in an age of information overload and it’s hard to decipher what’s right and what is simply just Facebook click-bait (yep, we’ve all fallen for it). When it comes to healthy looking hair, we’ve got it covered with all our specialised hair care and hair styling products but what about healthy skin? 

Well we can hardly decide what to order for breakfast at our local café let alone pick fact from faux when it comes to the ideas around achieving that all-important facial glow!


There are so many myths about what you should and shouldn’t be doing to ensure healthy-looking skin you’d be forgiven for just packing it all in for a bar of soap and water. Luckily for you, curiosity got the better of us and we took a little time to delve into 3 skincare myths that you should be aware of, scroll down to be surprised!

#1: Facials Can Greatly Improve the Health of Your Skin


From organic to oxygen facials, we’re a sucker for a gimmick but if you’re hanging your hat on a facial as a means of maintaining the health of your skin, you may be in for a little shock. In the short term thoroughly cleansed skin, removal of blackheads and a little skin plumping certainly never goes astray but over time there is unfortunately very little evidence to suggest that facials can alter your skins structure. Sure moisturising your skin intensely is likely to lead to your face appearing shiny and brighter than every before but the idea that monthly facials can reduce wrinkles or acne is a myth. In fact for some people it can actually lead to breakouts. Bummer. 

#2: Greasy and Sugary Foods Lead to Breakouts


You’d be living on planet Mars if you haven’t heard this one before. We’ve all been there…one square of chocolate turns into half the block and then all of a sudden your half way through a packet of tim tams whilst Mt Etna slowly starts to erupt under the surface of your skin. But is the correlation between your breakouts and your food habits actually a positive one? 

There seems to be an association between things like pizza, burgers, chocolate and pimples and this is mainly because of the stress hormones that cause breakouts. But the truth is, these hormones also have the effect of causing cravings for certain kinds of foods, so there is really no direct link. The evidence as to whether eating your weight in Lindt chocolate will leave you with a bunch of pimples is actually quite inconclusive

Having said that if your suffering from bad skin, it’s probably best to have a look at your diet. Foods that are high in carbs and dairy should generally be avoided or limited. Oh and don’t forget water. Water is good.

#3: Scrubbing Is the Best Way to Wash Your Face


Washing your face seems like the least complicated part of your beauty routine, right? Well as it turns out it’s actually the most important (take note: future 2am self). However while it’s important to exfoliate all that gunk from your face and remove dead skin cells, over-washing and scrubbing your skin excessively can actually do more harm than good. Fact.    Scrubbing your face to within an inch of it’s life can lead to your skin drying out which can inturn lead to more oil being produced than is ideal. In cases of severe acne, some experts even suggest that it may be a good idea to avoid exfoliating altogether. Instead of scrubbing, opt for cleansing which actually allows for the removal of excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells.    When it comes to products, the premise is as simple as your hair care routine – make sure you stick to using good quality, natural products to both wash and protect your skin.   In summary, skincare is super important at any age and you should always be doing the best by your skin, whether that be in terms of the food your eat or the products you put on your face. For more information about the best natural products for your skin, drop us a line or come chat to the team at Neon Co. today.

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