SOH - Save Our Hair

Human - SOH - Save Our Hair

We hear your cries: dry, dull, split, frizzy. The list goes on, because we easily damage our hair, but not so easily fix it.

Or so you thought.

Enter Neon & Co., with three easy products to rescue and revive the health of your hair. Using ingredients that are good in the short term and better in the long run. Meaning the longer you use them, the happier your hair will be. Improving manageability and appearance, while adding strength and shine.

The only question that remains: which one is for you?

Let’s find out.

You have super dry and damaged hair + your scalp needs a little love, too.

Opt for our Hair and Scalp Mask.

Plant - SOH - Save Our Hair

Just like a facial, only for your hair. Relaxing, nourishing, beautifying: enrich your hair with all of the goodness you didn’t realise it needed. Like 18-MEA and Silk Amino Liquid, which strengthens the hair cuticle, making it resistant to damage while feeling as delicate as silk. Super hydrating and ultra detangling, it even restores the skin’s microflora balance. Just pop it in for 10 minutes every week or two.

You’re short on time (and volume).

Try our Hair Shot Ampoule.

Human - SOH - Save Our Hair

It’s highly addictive hair stuff. This leave in treatment will have you drunk on good hair as it delivers an intense dose of moisture. Getting right down to the cuticle layer of the hair, this formula strengthens and improves elasticity, meaning less breakage, cutting blow dry time while helping the style to last longer, you’ll be ordering shots for all of your friends. Smooth it through your locks before each blow dry.

You have to tame that mane.

Only magic will do: our Treatment Oil.

Bottle - SOH - Save Our Hair

You’d never know it wasn’t water, because it sure feels like it. But instead of leaving your hair damp and frizzy, it goes on dry and smooths out the fuzz. Full of macadamia oil which is surprisingly light, weightless in fact. This treatment oil is hydrating, smoothing, repairing and adds shine. Your hair will drink it up day after day.

More than one sounds like you? Good thing our products work together to make your hair happy.
Visit our salon for a relaxing treatment and hair service, or buy online to use at home.

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