The Truth Behind What's Really In Your Dry Shampoo

Clothing - The Truth Behind What's Really In Your Dry Shampoo

We use dry shampoo in between washes to refresh our dirty locks, volumize our limp roots and stretch our blow drys out for a day or two longer, but it seems there are downsides too. Our laziness could be damaging our hair by increasing breakage and, in extreme cases, causing acne, sore patches, dandruff and hair loss. 

Some brands are using some very unusual and damaging products as the base of their dry shampoos, the most common being –

Alcohol - Mixed with other chemicals, the liquid ethanol helps to bind all of the ingredients together so they don't separate when dispersed from the bottle. Some experts warn that this dry shampoo formula can actually damage hair in the long term, causing dandruff and blocked pores.

Petroleum - Liquified petroleum gas does not provide any beauty benefits whatsoever and merely helps fire the earthy concoction from the canister, users are warned to avoid using dry shampoo near an open flame as liquified petroleum gas is highly flammable. 

Algae - Brown algae is used to help regulate the production of a natural oil known as sebum. 

Clay - Soft clay molecules absorb grease and disguise shine. 

We advise using a quality dry shampoo that isn't full of nasties - Neon & Co’s dry shampoo for oily roots contains natural ingredients and uses starch to absorb the hair’s oils, leaving your hair refreshed and full of body without causing any damage! 

Regular cleansing is important for the health of your hair and scalp so make sure you're not using dry shampoo as a replacement and are washing your hair at least once or twice a week. Neon & Co Shampoo provides a gentle cleanse whilst being extremely lightweight as to not weigh your hair down, as well as being colour friendly. Finish off with our hydrating and strengthening Conditioner that detangles and smooths, leaving hair looking and feeling soft and full of shine.

Do’s and Don'ts 

DO - Always check the bottle and only use products containing good quality, natural ingredients.

DON’T - Use dry shampoo as a replacement for washing your hair - you should be cleansing your scalp regularly.

DO - Rotate between dry shampoo and normal shampoo - dry shampoo is fine as long as it's used alongside rather than instead of washing.

DON’T - Overdose on dry shampoo as it can disrupt your hairs natural shedding process.

DO - Use dry shampoo as a styling aid to boost and enhance volume, especially if your hair is fine.

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