Why You Guys Should Start Blow Drying Your Hair

Blow Dryer - Why You Guys Should Start Blow Drying Your Hair

Most women blow dry their hair after showering, understanding that it goes a long way in improving the health and appearance of your hair. Most men however do not; with short hair, it can be easier, quicker and possibly more convenient to simply use a towel. However, many of the benefits of blow drying that exist for women are just as beneficial for men. Our male readers should seriously consider the following advantages of blow drying and make it a part of your daily routine.

Foundation for Styling

Person - Why You Guys Should Start Blow Drying Your Hair

If you’re someone that likes to style your hair in a certain way, if nothing else blow drying assists you in this process. Freshly blow dried hair is simply easier to arrange and style; chances are the hairstyle you see in a magazine that catches your eye has been achieved with the help of a blow dry. Products will adhere to clean, blow dried hair a lot more easily, and it has the effect of de-frizzing too.

Helps to Smooth and Straighten Hair

Light - Why You Guys Should Start Blow Drying Your Hair

Using a straighter is always an option if you like the straight hair look, but it can be a little time consuming and often it can have the appearance of not looking natural, so to speak. Blow drying allows you to straighten your hair in a subtle, yet very effective way, allowing it to keep its general shape but smoothing it out too. You really don’t need to be using a hair straightener if you’re blow drying correctly - hair paste and product can also be used for the best results.

Helps to as Volume

Person - Why You Guys Should Start Blow Drying Your Hair

If you’re naturally curly, you’ll probably have noticed how tricky it can be to style your hair in a different way. As we’ve mentioned blow drying is crucial to keeping hair straight, but it also allows for more versatility in terms of style, particularly if you’ve got longer hair. we’d consider it almost a must for men with longer hair too, as it can add volume to your hair and give it a bit of lift, which looks great when styled appropriately.

At our boutique hair salon in Toorak , we’ll always take the time to blow dry after washing to ensure your hair looks its best. Getting into the habit or routine of blow drying after you shower is well worth the effort. Keep in mind that it can be more effective with certain hair styles and it takes a little practice and possibly even the right products to get the best out of blow drying. You can always contact Neon Co for advice at any time!

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