We think good hair and skin days should happen more often.
They should be easier to achieve and last longer.
We think they shouldn’t just look good, but feel good, too.
So we made a product range that focused on just that.
Not on volumizing and plumping, hydrating or smoothing; these are the things that come along with a good hair day, anyway. Now you have a simple choice: to have good hair, or not?
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We've focused on creating a signature line for any hair type; designed to prolong the life of your blow wave, minimise the need to wash, and reduce drying time.
There are things you shouldn’t have to worry about when it comes to your hair: like multifunctional, paraben and sulphate free products. We’ve taken care of that.

Gaia 'Mother Earth' Skincare

GAIA (the mythological Mother Earth goddess) is an exclusive range of home spa treatments that is unique to Neon & Co.
Inspired by the very best of Mother Nature’s nurturing, healing and rejuvenating powers, the nature-based formulas work in harmony with your skin, creating a ‘whole body’ experience. The luxuriously lightweight products beautifully pamper, nourish and hydrate the body while the sensational fragrances evoke a holiday-esque blissfulness.
Taking inspiration from traditional Mediterranean fruits (apricots, olives, avocados and lemons) and nutrient-rich European botanicals (chamomile, aloe vera and soybean), GAIA’s holistic approach and super soft textures (like the gentle touch of a Mother) deeply engage all the senses bringing balance
and reprieve.
If it’s good enough for the goddesses, it’s good enough for us!

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